Christmas is going to the dogs!


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Christmas is almost here!!! And I’m SO excited, I think my little Miso is too but she’s keeping it quiet. Thankfully she hasn’t eaten the Christmas tree yet and I haven’t spied her munching on any tinsel but there is still time! That little dog of mine really likes to chew on things she shouldn’t. Despite that however, I’m still planning to get her a present or two to ‘open’ on the big day. She’s a part of the family and I think she should celebrate along with us, I don’t want her to be left out. But what to get the dog who already has everything? (And by everything, I mean 3 squeaky balls, multiple chew toys and a huge stash of treats). Why, something fashionable of course!

So here are some stylish present ideas for your beloved furballs, there’s still time to order them something that they’ll love! Or at the least, that you will love on their behalf. So without further ado let’s see what may well be on our dog’s Christmas lists (if only we knew where they kept them).

First of all, how about this lovely stripy scarf? I have to be honest and say that I’ve never actually seen a dog wearing a scarf but in my imagination it looks amazing! This scarf also looks very festive and comes in either small or medium/large. I may well have to put one of these under my Christmas tree for Miso because I think she would look very debonair in it. 


Pets At Home have a whole range of Christmas jumpers, and it is a fact that everyone loves a Christmas jumper. Somehow they have gone from unspeakably cheesy to quite cool and hipster-ish in the last few years, and now dogs can take part in this festive trend too. I think this one is my favourite as it has small colourful pom-poms on it and I love the stripes (very slimming). Your pooch will be the talk of the neighbourhood in this little number.


This next outfit won’t really get much wear after Christmas (and it’s not cheap), but it’s so amazingly cute I just had to include it. Have you ever wanted your very own Christmas elf? Well now your dog can look like they’ve come straight from the North Pole on important gift-delivering business. The little green bow and the yellow belt buckle are lovely touches and really make this outfit sparkle.


Speaking of sparkle, because after all Christmas is a time of bling and glitter, how about a personalised dog collar with sequins? This colourful collar not only allows you to put your dog’s name on it, but also to customise it as you choose with rhinestones and charms. You can be assured that no other dog out there will have a collar quite like yours does, as they come in a range of colours.


Do you hang a stocking up for each member of your family? Well no need to leave the dog out this year, Pet Planet have a special paw print stocking just for them. It comes with a free glitter pen too so your dog will know which one belongs to them, just in case the paw print doesn’t give it away. Better hurry up and order it though so you don’t miss the last posting date!


Now here is a present that is definitely fashionable, although it’s not really aimed at your dog. However it gives you, the proud owner, a chance to look even more stylish than usual by accessorising with your dog. These silver-plated cufflinks allow you to upload a photo of your dog which will then be printed on to them, making them completely unique to you! And utterly gorgeous because all dogs are gorgeous. Which man wouldn’t adore these?

cuff links 

Also aimed at the human dog owner and definitely worth a mention are these adorable dog booties, which look very cosy. You can wear them while snuggling up on the couch with your four legged friend (or friends!) and feel warm on the outside and also on the inside for helping out a very good cause, the Dogs Trust. All purchases made through their shop help them to care for the thousands of stray and abandoned dogs that pass through their doors every year.


Back to presents for the dog – this lovely blue hoodie with a fur trim would look wonderful on any dog and best of all, it’s reduced! Get your orders in while you still can, I really like this one and it looks very good quality.


While this next item is not clothing, I would still say it’s somewhat fashionable as it’s so pretty and contemporary looking. Every doggie should have a pretty place to lay its head! This lovely little wendy house has embroidered bones and a dog bowl on it and is lined with a washable gingham quilt. This would be such a nice little place for your dog to retire to once they have filled up on the Xmas dinner and need to sleep it off.


One last little present idea, and this one is both chic and practical at the same time. This tube scarf will keep your dog snug on cold winter days, it looks fabulous, and it is also made of a light-reflective material so that your dog is visible at all times. The fabric is breathable and it looks very high quality. If only it came in more colours!

tube scarf

Well that’s all from me for this year. A merry merry Christmas to you, your families and of course your beloved pups! I’ll see you in 2014 for more fashionable doggy discussion. All the very best!